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Where Are Your Manners?

By Cierra Martin | Aug 4, 2023

We all live in a civilization. Call it what you will – American, European, Western, International, Intercontinental, Global – but it’s obviously real. The question …

Jobless Work is Joyless Work

By Cierra Martin | Aug 2, 2023

We’ve written before about “Quiet Quitting,” a new name for an old phenomenon that started making the rounds in 2022, where employees commit to just doing …


Why Nothing is Everything

By Cierra Martin | Jul 31, 2023

“The void is the form, the form is the void” is a famous idea in the Buddhist Heart Sutra, on the reality of things. Thich …


The One Tech to Rule Them All

By Cierra Martin | Jul 28, 2023

A while back, we wrote that Elon’s business model is really all about getting people to talk about Elon. And that model continues to work. …


Pink is the New Black

By Cierra Martin | Jul 26, 2023

Browse any type of media from the last few days- TV, Twitter, Instagram etc- and you’ll see endless posts about the new Barbie movie. It …


Is Adulthood Dying?

By Cierra Martin | Jul 21, 2023

Back in the 1990’s in the fashionable West Village neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, some clever entrepreneurs opened up a small bakery on Bleeker Street. No, …

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