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culture of empathy;order begins with decency

Excellence Now by Tom Peters

By David Essman | May 21, 2021

The Hour of Reckoning Is Upon Us We are in the grip of COVID-19 and the most significant social and political unrest in the U.S. …

memetics;The Best Standards Prove themselves by spreading like pollen

The Mean Meme

By David Essman | May 17, 2021

In 1976 Richard Dawkins wrote the famous book, “The Selfish Gene”. The big idea was, evolution is driven by genes trying to replicate themselves. Our …

psychological safety;I was living the American dream it was America's dream, not mine.

Trust Yourself by Melody Wilding

By David Essman | May 12, 2021

  All my life, I had been a classic A-plus, gold-star, good girl who lived to exceed expectations. Diligent and disciplined, I worked hard to …

leadership tools;i need life to be more meaningful. next time, pick a longer line.

Your Big Ideas Will Die Unless You Understand This

By David Essman | May 10, 2021

“Relentless socialization”. No, that doesn’t mean you need to throw parties, it means you take your most important ideas and figure out ways to get …

work place culture;committed to greatness plus easily offended equals yeah, good luck with that

We Chose This

By David Essman | May 5, 2021

  Our friends over at Basecamp are having a bit of bother. The trouble started when the founders, Jason and David, tried to rein in the political conversations …

how to lead in times of change; How most businesses operate: monday: I know! let's copy the competition! genius! tuesday: I know! let's copy the competition! genius! wednesday: I know! let's copy the competition! genius! thursday: I know! let's copy the competition! genius! friday: I know! let's copy the competition! genius!

Why Zigging Is The Enemy of Innovation

By David Essman | April 21, 2021

  Remember what your granddad used to tell you? That famous piece of advice? You know, that “When the world zigs, zags” thing? i.e. Don’t …