Culture Design®

How Iconic Leaders Deliver Sustained Operational Excellence

You are not alone. Culture is the greatest business challenge of our day.

Most things we think of as culture solutions look like surveys/assessments, 360s, apps, etc. The problem is that these are not solutions. They simply generate data. And, data is NOT A solution.

Effective culture solutions fundamentally change how people look at their work, and relate to their colleagues and customers. It is emotional. This is why most executives struggle with it.

Think about the most successful CEOs of our time, GE’s Jack Welch, IBM’s Lou Gerstner, Steve Jobs, and more recently, Pepsico’s Indra Nooyi, and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, all have one thing in common. They each lent their success to well-articulated, inclusive cultures that not only delivered outstanding employee engagement but more importantly, sustained operational excellence.

Often, when leaders like these leave, things change. Culture is misunderstood.

There’s no coincidence that they are business icons. They understand the functional power of culture to transform their organizations. It’s not an opinion, here’s the data that shows this.

Culture is not simply about making employees happy, it’s far bigger: it is the key to delivering amazing business outcomes.

The Ultimate Management Tool

We think about culture differently: It is designable. It is an executable, measurable, management system that drives outstanding business performance. This is Culture Science®. We’ve helped organizations as diverse as AT&T, Microsoft, Roche, US Air Force, MIT Sloan, and Zappos. Culture Design® is a path to aligning leadership, operations, human resources, and marketing to deliver the most complex strategies.

We deliver a real, human, emotional, immersive connection to work.