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Nothing Beats Competition

By Cierra Martin | Apr 15, 2024

If we didn’t have rivals, there’d be no losing. There’d be no winning either. Because there’d be no competition. And while that seems like an …

If the Glove Don’t Fit, You Must Acquit

By Cierra Martin | Apr 12, 2024

OJ Simpson passed away this week of cancer. He was a man who had everything fame and fortune had to offer, and pretty much lost …

Eclipsed by Meaning

By Cierra Martin | Apr 8, 2024

Starting in 1940s post war Paris, the “Existentialism” philosophical movement became all the rage, soon spreading globally led by big names like Jean-Paul Satre and …

Are you playing half-court tennis?

By Cierra Martin | Apr 4, 2024

During a recent interview over on the Dwarkesh Patel channel, Professor Sarah CM Paine (who teaches Geopolitics  over at The US Naval War College) gave …

Why We’re Measuring the Wrong Thing

By Cierra Martin | Apr 3, 2024

Apparently, we were a lot happier last year than we are this year. At least that’s what the studies say, (and we all know they’re …

Why Certainty is a Red Flag

By Cierra Martin | Apr 1, 2024

This post is an idea inspired by the Dr Pippa Malmgren interview over at the Infinite Loops Podcast #167. According to Dr Malmgren, because certainty …