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culture of empathy; anything is possible if it's done with love

Happy New Year!

By David Essman | December 31, 2020

Let’s reevaluate love today. Love is the thing that pushes us to succeed. Love is a thing that we have to feel for ourselves, for …

purpose and meaning;people should get joy from their work

The Secret To Finding Joy

By David Essman | December 24, 2020

As the holidays swing round again, this year the idea of “Joy To The World” has never been more needed. And joy is a powerful idea. …

ideation culture;I got tired of trying to stop you from making bad decisions

Intellectual Best Practices

By David Essman | December 22, 2020

The great anti-establishment Australian publisher, Claire Lehmann was recently lambasting the big-city American intelligentsia for their lack of intellectual diversity: “The pressure to conform exists everywhere but …

how to create a high performance culture;i needed to be alone…

Fewer Moving Parts

By David Essman | December 15, 2020

Everybody loves Steely Dan. At least, every middle-aged, American white dude from the suburbs loves Steely Dan. For anyone who went to college in the 70s-80s, …

cultural anthropology;at least I tried. you?

The “Kind of Blue” Effect

By David Essman | December 10, 2020

In pop music, there is a curve. “Easy-Listening” on one end of the curve (Barry Manilow, Kenny G, Billy Joel, etc) and on the other, we …

how do you solve problems with company culture;every time I try to get closer to God, some little bit of trivial nonsense gets in the way

The seven, ten, twelve, habits of successful leaders

By David Essman | December 8, 2020

  It’s a funny thing about leadership. By definition, it’s one of the most important roles on the planet. Your job is fundamentally about spreading …