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All Culture is Kintsugi Culture

By Cierra Martin | Jul 14, 2024

Let’s say one day you break a coffee cup by dropping it on the floor. Nothing fancy, but an irreplaceable piece of great sentimental value …

A Culture Crash?

By Cierra Martin | Jul 11, 2024

In 1995, two years before he came back to run Apple, Steve Jobs made an interesting point. He was asked why Apple (which fired him …

How Formula 1 Will Save the Free World

By Cierra Martin | Jul 9, 2024

Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ has transformed and turbocharged the Formula One (F1)  business. The series beautifully depicts dramatic stories of power, money, ever-changing status, and, …

Business Lessons from Atticus Finch

By Cierra Martin | Jul 5, 2024

Atticus Finch, the patriarch in one of the great post-war novels, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” is a very compelling character. When we first open the book, …

Don’t Cede the Lead

By Cierra Martin | Jul 3, 2024

Innovation is an infinite game, and the second an organization stops playing that game is the second it begins to cede the lead. As Jeff …

The Second Job of a Leader

By Cierra Martin | Jul 1, 2024

Napoleon didn’t conquer most of Europe all by himself. He had other people helping him, of course. Literally armies of them. The reality is, it’s …