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how do you define culture; norms need to be named

Nullum Crimen Sine Lege

By David Essman | November 21, 2021

There is an old principle in law, “Nullum crimen sine lege” (No crime without a law). In other words, for something to be a crime, first, there …

how do I make employees happier;doing what you love is the new wealth

The Great Reassessment

By David Essman | November 5, 2021

  According to Inc. Magazine, the Great Resignation is officially a thing. People quitting their jobs in previously unheard numbers, etc. Which is another way of saying, …

entrepreneurship culture; entrepreneurial mindset passion determination courage belief risk taking instinct vision adapt discipline inspire resiliency learn

Every Business Needs Entrepreneurs

By David Essman | October 29, 2021

The entrepreneurial mindset is still misunderstood by many non-entrepreneurs. It is really a truth-seeking, growth-focused mental model that is fixated on getting things done. Not just …

leading through culture;Those who share the most teach

How To Build A Lasting Legacy

By David Essman | October 19, 2021

There are two ways to make a classical sculpture: call them “Addition” and “Subtraction”. “Addition” is like Rodin: You start with a lump of clay, …

culture frameworks, the job of culture is to find that which unites us all

Want to be a better human?

By David Essman | October 5, 2021

  Ah, the good ol’ days! We recently participated in a session for the UK National Health System (NHS), on a subject that isn’t discussed enough: civility. Yes, …

culture of excellence, Creating excellence is not a job is a moral act

Rethink Your Core Values Now

By David Essman | September 28, 2021

  It was with great surprise and delight that we saw Tom Peters had quoted our Chief Creative, Hugh MacLeod in his new book, “Extreme Humanism”, so of course, we turned …