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innovation culture; Keep calm and carry on

A Case Study in the Impact of Culture

By David Essman | April 5, 2021

It’s a familiar story. Both the UK and the EU were trying to get a COVID vaccine program off the ground. The UK (who only …

creative culture;find something that matters. something not too obvious.

The best answers are not the obvious ones

By David Essman | April 1, 2021

  Here’s the thing. Creative types are pretty useless at most things, like say, changing tires, skinning a deer, playing the stock market, or making …

work place transformation; I just want to be in the zone I don't think that's asking for too much

RISK FORWARD: When Do You Do Your Best Work?

By David Essman | March 26, 2021

  When we’re moving forward on a project but not as effectively or productively as we’d like, it’s worth reconsidering our environment. Years ago, when …

organizational design; I'm in need of better metaphors

Is CEO A Two Person Job?

By David Essman | March 25, 2021

  The Roman Emperor Diocletian (r. 284 to 305 AD) had a problem. The Empire had gotten too big for one Emperor to control. So he split …

culture as a leadership tool; in the smouldering wreckage they found a burnt-out scrap of paper with the words, I tried my best I really did" scratched on it.

World Class or Bust

By David Essman | March 19, 2021

Why all the marketing speak? People often ask why we write so much about marketing, advertising, and branding. There are many adjacencies from designing and …

data driven insights;What a happy coincidence, history hates the same people I do.

Wishful Thinks

By David Essman | March 16, 2021

There’s probably a better word to describe these, but we call them “Wishful Thinks”. i.e. Things we think are true for no other reason than …