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Who Do You Belong To?

By Laura Viberti | Oct 2, 2022

This image and article were inspired by Episode 606 of the Tim Ferriss Podcast, with Balaji S. Srinivasan.  Humans need to belong. We need to belong to other humans, …

Kunal Shah - The more something scales, the more cookie-cutter it becomes. Truly meaningful experiences, though wonderful, are extremely hard to scale. There is no good or bad extreme; it all depends on what your goals are.

Slashing Rules That Don’t Matter

By Laura Viberti | Sep 28, 2022

This email is inspired by Episode #141 of The Knowledge Project podcast, featuring serial entrepreneur and incisive business thinker Kunal Shah. Pick your poison. That’s the choice life …

Courage Is Calling by Ryan Holiday

By Laura Viberti | Sep 26, 2022

Today’s post was written by our old friend, the author Ryan Holiday. Ryan has gotten famous as a popularizer of Stoicism, the Greco-Roman philosophy, and his blog, The …

Sarah Kauss on How I Built This: It’s More Than Just a Water Bottle

By Cierra Martin | Sep 26, 2022

These images were inspired by Episode 444 of the How I Built This Podcast, interviewing Sarah Kauss, founder of S’well water bottles. How I Built …

Dancing up a storm…in a tea cup

By Laura Viberti | Sep 23, 2022

There isn’t much in this hyper-connected hyper-woke modern age that still makes people gasp like a jury after a big revelation in a Southern courtroom …

We know you’re winging it

By Laura Viberti | Sep 21, 2022

This image was inspired by a thought from an interview with IDEO’S Founder and Former CEO, David Kelley, on the How I Built This Podcast on …