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psychological safety;conquering fear is how we grow

Understanding The Paradox of Success

By David Essman | July 27, 2022

Fearing failure leads to failure. Why? Because fearing failure leads to not trying new things, not innovating, and not taking risks. And not trying is often the …

emotionally intelligent leaders;change is an emotion not a listchange is an emotion not a list

🔑 The Secret Key to Greatness

By David Essman | July 25, 2022

“Nothing happens until someone feels something.” This is a core pillar of our work. It’s one of our “big” ideas. Logic, reason, and evidence inform …

how to increase collaboration;When we work as a team we can take on the world

Why great leaders are scarce and cherished

By David Essman | July 20, 2022

What are some of the closest teams on the planet, with some of the strongest cultures? The team of firefighters rushing into a burning building. …

leading through culture;because there's more to life than 'maximizing shareholder value'

Getting Turned On Requires More Than You Think

By David Essman | July 18, 2022

We all know what a virtuoso is, we all know about virtuosity. Artists whose chops are off the scale. Violinists, dancers, painters…chefs, even. But have …

tools for leaders;courage beats the status quo the only thing that beats stagnation are brave people willing to fight it. you have to be brave. you have to be nice. you have to be smart. you have to be willing to forgive. if you want an easy life this isn't it.

The ONE Choice All Fulfilled People Make

By David Essman | July 12, 2022

Star Wars is a story as old as time. Team Darth Vader or Team Luke Skywalker? Do you side with the Empire, even though your soul will probably be …

how do I get me people to work harder;P.S. Everything worthwhile is hard

Follow the Yellowbri…Road to Greatness

By David Essman | July 8, 2022

Discover the heaviest burden you can bear, then bear it. This idea was recently popularized by Jordan Peterson. This is heroism. And if you catch yourself …