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cultural anthropology; This is great! I just need to run it by bob and cheryl and ken and pam and rick and steve and henry and mary and ben and anna and rajish and melina and dave and chris and caroline and ted and alan and shannon and lexie and zoe and jim and valerie and thomas and vincent and pauline and shel and eli and bill and richard and connie and karen and charles and paulie and ira and james and michael and sarah and joseph and lisa and don and sam and george and jeff and kimberly and jason and michelle and mac and marcus and andrew and laura and sophie and joshua and wayne and daniel and ethan and lucy and alex and liam and max and amy and hannah and katie and adam and muhammed and jasmine and "the endless organizational consensus

Does Consensus Matter?

By David Essman | June 18, 2021

  In 1900, the consensus was, Europe was top dog, Europe would rule the world forever. In 1920, Europe had destroyed itself, and the consensus …

culture design;culture design is a sign that you have faith in the future

The Real Reason Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast

By David Essman | June 15, 2021

The great truism for us culture nerds is, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Often (though possibly incorrectly) attributed to the great Peter Drucker, it’s a simple …

start up culture;take an ordinary thing and elevate it not a bad way to spend a life

Take something ordinary and elevate it

By David Essman | June 9, 2021

  It’s a nice idea. Success is fleeting, significance is more… significant. All well and good, though frankly, we think perhaps better advice would be, “Don’t …

how to find good employees;Mediocrity is my copilot

Get a job, any job – by Paul Catmur

By David Essman | June 3, 2021

  A Manual for the Mediocre – Paul Catmur Part Three Get a job. Any job. ‘I know of no one more qualified to write about mediocrity.’ …

leading through empathy;Gratitude is power

Gratitude Is Power

By David Essman | May 31, 2021

  Memorial Day is an American holiday. It is a day when we pause from our busy lives – and those oh so important furniture …

transformational leadership; there are no answers there are only decisions

Why Study The Stoics – Ryan Holiday

By David Essman | May 27, 2021

  It’s interesting and useful to look at and learn about what history’s great minds have said and written. But ultimately, what matters is who …