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Ego: Just Like Dust in the Eyes

By Cierra Martin | Sep 27, 2023

Over on the Infinite Loops Podcast #167 the author, entrepreneur, and former White House advisor (under George W. Bush), Dr Pippa Malmgren talks about leadership …

gravity well

Are you a Sneakerhead?

By Cierra Martin | Sep 23, 2023

Back in the 5th Century BC, the philosopher Democritus was the first person to conceive of the idea of atoms. That the universe was made up of …

What Space10 and the Beatles Share

By Cierra Martin | Sep 19, 2023

We all know that the larger a company gets, the harder it is for them to innovate at the pace of the early days. Even …


Going from Idea to Impact

By Cierra Martin | Sep 17, 2023

“It is to be remembered that all art is magical in origin – music, sculpture, writing, painting – and by magical I mean intended to …


Are You Leading Sine Cera?

By Cierra Martin | Sep 14, 2023

In Roman times, marble sculptures were highly prized status objects. Sure, they were expensive, but more than that, they were really hard to make. Every …


Are You A Fraud?

By Cierra Martin | Sep 11, 2023

Companies love, love, love talking about how great their values are and how strong their principles are. But as we all know, talk is cheap. …

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