Culture Design™ Services powered by Culture Science®

Culture is Strategy: The way high-performing businesses will be managed in the future.

People are seeking more meaning in their work. The trend is unmistakable.

Culture Design™ creates a dynamic environment that sets a system of beliefs and norms; one that drives inspired engagement toward the business’s most urgent priorities.

Culture Design™ is a robust system for designing and executing culture. It looks at employees like customers and analyzes their relationship to four essential areas of work. Culture Science® enables the design of a deep and immersive connection to the vision, the purpose, and the ‘how’ of why work needs to be done.

What makes it unique and effective is that it combines social, behavioral, and management sciences, wrapped up in strategic communication, to make change irresistible. The process delivers a real, human, and emotional connection to work.

Assessments Powered by Culture Science®

The standard ways of collecting employee sentiment are unreliable. The key to understanding the mindset and employee experience is found in the stories people are telling about their work. This is the soul of the organization. We developed a method of collecting narrative data for your entire organization.

Our Culture Science Assessment™ allows you to uncover the experiences and stories that your employees are sharing about their work. This is at scale and with the richness of qualitative data and the structure of quantitative data to understand and inform a relevant, motivating, and unifying Culture Science® strategy.

The outcomes are clear insights and viable actions to solve problems and design the culture you want.

End-to-End Culture Design™: for organizations that need a complete culture redesign.

This is the deepest and most comprehensive culture design work. It defines, articulates, and connects culture design to all business-critical initiatives…strategies from insights to outcomes. End-to-End projects can take on the redesign of the entire organizational culture or can be applied to drive forward specific initiatives such as innovation, digital transformation, employee experience, customer experience, learning and development adoption, diversity, and inclusion (D.E.I.), patient experience, and more.


Culture Sprints™: for organizations in need of a quick culture makeover, re-boot or nudge

Culture Sprints are 90-day innovative Culture Science® projects. They’re designed to understand the underlying mental models, beliefs, and inter-workings influencing today’s organizational dynamics, employee sentiment, and their relationship to work and leadership.

Together, we explore new opportunities and tools that ignite engagement and execute connecting to desired norms. At the end of the Culture Sprint, Gapingvoid delivers a complete culture upgrade in three parts: (1) A map of positive and negative norms of the organization, (2) Visualized new norms using semiotics, and (3) Narrative design in the form of organized semiotics for installation and socialization.