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driver of innovation;the minute you stop being part of the dance is the minute you start to die

Human Potential: Mars Style

By David Essman | April 19, 2021

NASA’s wee helicopter drone became the first controlled flight on Mars. A definite first for the planet. What makes the story even more poignant is …

culture as a strategy;leadership is the alignment between one's narrative and reality

Culture Is Just Another Term For Leadership

By David Essman | April 16, 2021

It’s considered one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time. The car rental company, Avis’ “We try harder” campaign. It first broke in 1962 and …

microsoft stories gapingvoid;i need to know what real art is then i need to make it

Partner with Entrepreneurs Inside & Out

By David Essman | April 13, 2021

Our favorite “intrapreneur” story? That would have to be our old friend, Steve Clayton. Steve is the “Chief Storyteller” at Microsoft, where he oversees social, corporate communication, marketing, …

how to lead in times of change;The secret is to have no secrets

Kung Fu Lessons

By David Essman | April 13, 2021

  Anyone following the news these days will know, we’re living in some pretty crazy times, both home and abroad. Politics, the environment, the rise …

innovation culture; Keep calm and carry on

A Case Study in the Impact of Culture

By David Essman | April 5, 2021

It’s a familiar story. Both the UK and the EU were trying to get a COVID vaccine program off the ground. The UK (who only …

creative culture;find something that matters. something not too obvious.

The best answers are not the obvious ones

By David Essman | April 1, 2021

  Here’s the thing. Creative types are pretty useless at most things, like say, changing tires, skinning a deer, playing the stock market, or making …