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leading through culture; Leadership is the Art

Are You Leading?

By David Essman | Aug 29, 2022

We all know competent leadership means more than tasking ‘to do’s’. Tasking, of course, isn’t leading, and it may not even be managing, but for …

how do I make employees happier;burnout is the enemy

I Hereby Order You To Take PTO

By David Essman | Aug 27, 2022

Recently, Nike had almost all employees take an entire week off. No negotiating. Balsamiq, a European software firm, mandated 18 days of vacation. No negotiating. PwC did …

people management;if it's not about people is't not about much

It’s the Economy, Stupid

By David Essman | Aug 23, 2022

The Soviets weren’t the best managers, to put it mildly. They were famously god awful at it. Here’s an example of a Soviet-era error: A …

how to gain influence; influence is power without force

It’s Why They’re Called Sheep

By David Essman | Aug 19, 2022

Let us tell you a story about tens of millions of people and tens of billions of dollars. It’s a short story. It’s a true …

transformational culture;beyond transactions

8 Strengths of Transformational Cultures

By David Essman | Aug 15, 2022

  Everyone who comes in contact with a strong culture feels it. Customers develop unique relationships with these companies. So do employees. As a result, a strong …

behavioral psychology;plan in decades think in years work in months live in days

Man Plans, God Laughs…or Does She?

By David Essman | Aug 12, 2022

  What if someone told you that your plans are doomed to fail? That the act of planning itself is presumptuous? That there is too …