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innovation through culture design;It's hard to fight the culture war if all your opponents outlive you

How To Invent The Future

By David Essman | February 22, 2021

In the last year, there have been two books that have really excited us. Rory Sutherland’s “Alchemy” and Matt Ridley’s “How Innovation Works”. Both are great reads. Both …

innovation culture;the people who really change the world are the ones who see what's possible and figure out how to make that happen

Innovation is Cultural

By David Essman | February 16, 2021

This Bloomberg article gave us pause: The USA has slipped out of the Top Ten Most Innovative Countries. That’s right. America’s being surpassed by the Swedes, …

designing a high purpose culture;Advertising is how you get consumers to do stuff culture is how you get employees to do stuff

The Connection Between Super Bowl Ads and Company Culture

By David Essman | February 11, 2021

  Another year, another massively expensive spectacle in which companies paid a reported $5.5 million for a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl — on top of …

entrepreneurship culture; entrepreneurship is how Americans seek redemption

Are you Seeking Redemption?

By David Essman | February 3, 2021

Welsh denim entrepreneur David Hieatt recently tweeted this: “Being an entrepreneur is one of the most effective personal development programs you can ever take.” BAM!!! Ain’t that the …

how to gain influence;Gloop actually quite liked being himself... he sometimes wished he was better at it

Nobody Cares About You

By David Essman | February 1, 2021

The great marketing blogger (and College Professor) Mark Ritson had a superb piece in Marketing Week about how, contrary to all the hotshots that give keynotes at marketing conferences, …

leadership tools;how do you like my peacock feathers

How to design your future

By David Essman | January 27, 2021

  Back in 1969, Kenneth Clarke presented the seminal BBC TV series. “Civilization”. It was a big deal at the time. It’s probably the most influential arts …