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successful CEOs and culture;The price of being a sheep is boredom the price of being a wolf is loneliness. choose one or the other with great care

The Outsiders

By David Essman | February 22, 2022

  Most people here will know all about Joseph Cambell’s archetypal “Hero’s Journey”. While everybody else remains in the village, sipping cocktails, the Hero heads out …

management through culture;success requires less

What The Battle Of The Bulge Teaches Us

By David Essman | February 7, 2022

  Christmas, 1944. The Battle Of The Bulge. Hitler’s last roll of the dice, his final offensive of the War. Hitler had this idea that if …

orgazational culture and covid; what held the business together when everyone was working from home? hint: it wasn't zoom it was the culture the collective sense of purpose the circumstances though disruptive though less than idea, were temporary the mission however, remained the same. which means the more disrupted the world becomes, the more important having a strong culture becomes.

Metaverse Shmetaverse

By David Essman | January 28, 2022

  This semiotic simply nails so much that is going on in the world these days. First off, we have COVID and all the brouhaha …

digital transformation; business is change there is nothing else

Why “Digital Transform” isn’t really digital

By David Essman | January 12, 2022

  Nearly two decades later, this 2004 image seems to have aged particularly well. It got us thinking again about  “Digital Transformation”. DT, as you know, is …

leadership tools;Make fear your tailwind

Fear is a sign you’re doing it right

By David Essman | December 13, 2021

  In the right hands, fear is not a handicap, but an advantage. A tailwind, not a headwind. Evolution gave us fear millions of years ago …

leadership tools; We know all the buzzwords! even the ones that aren't buzzwords yet!!!

The Map is Not The Terrain

By David Essman | December 7, 2021

  Every social subculture is held together by language. Subcultures repeat certain words that other subcultures hardly use at all. This is where buzzwords come from. This …