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how do you solve problems with company culture;The biggest mistake leaders make about culture is thinking that it's optional.

How culture revived post WWII Scotland

By David Essman | August 17, 2021

  It was 1947. The big war had ended, the UK was a mess. Soldiers and refugees were still limping home, there was still rationing, …

leadership tools;great stories are like pollen

Why Do We Need Stories?

By David Essman | August 13, 2021

  Let’s talk about narratives. Big stories that were told and believed by many people. Religious stories like Islam or Christianity, or Political Stories like …

diversity, equity and inclusion;We're all about "diversity!" people here wear North Face and Patagonia!

Why your hires look like you

By David Essman | August 7, 2021

  There’s a famous line in The Blues Brothers movie when they ask the bartender at the Texas honky-tonk what kind of music they play: …

successful CEOs and culture;I command you to make me immortal

Succession is a nightmare

By David Essman | August 4, 2021

Who runs Microsoft, after Bill steps down? Who runs Apple, after Steve steps down? Who runs Tesla, after Elon steps down? Who runs Berkshire Hathaway, after Warren steps …

culture as a leadership tool;meaning evolves faster than people do

Lessons from the rainforest

By David Essman | July 30, 2021

University Of Pennsylvania anthropologist, Professor Greg Urban‘s new book The Culture Puzzle: Harnessing the Forces that Drive Your Organization’s Success, co-authored with Mario Moussa and Derek Newberry, has some useful insights. Greg spent 25 …

how to increase collaboration;doing anything worthwhile is perilous. the ancient greeks figured that out long ago.

No Peril, No Reward

By David Essman | July 27, 2021

In this video, we have Jocko Willinks, former Special Forces leader and current motivation guru, giving a speech to the Pennsylvania National Guard about the positive …