Culture Walls®

Culture Walls® Deliver Results and Create Lasting Impact

Culture Walls® are simple and effective tools for scaling and integrating cultural norms. They live in physical and virtual environments across the organization and allow for scalable execution of language and behaviors. Leaders are trained on how to use the walls so that they become the go-to tactic for facilitating the conversations that will lead to alignment around the culture we design.

Culture Walls® is a collection of 12-30+ of your most important beliefs that are illustrated and created as individual framed tiles installed on a wall in a grid format.

The result is a sacred space in your office that becomes the metaphorical and physical home of your beliefs and culture. This installation is used for meetings, facilitation, orienting new hires, interviews, etc. The images can be used digitally and totally customized to fit into your organization’s brand colors.

Your Culture Wall® can be researched, designed, and installed within four to twelve weeks. You act as the leader of change. We provide the strategies, tools, and cultural reinforcements to implement your vision for a more innovative organization.

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Culture: The Product of Beliefs

Any great leader knows that there are a number of fundamentals to leadership. But three essential ones are:

First, beliefs inform behaviors. Groups of people who share a common perspective on life, business, and people, work together with less friction, collaborate with ease, and are connected to a common goal. They maintain the momentum that the leader initiates.

Second, in order to deeply instill beliefs, you need tools. These tools are variously referred to as cultural artifacts, totems, or social objects. You can think of many religious or political icons, that do this. These objects live, often for millennia, for a reason – they are constant reminders of what beliefs matter. People live with these objects and the beliefs they represent become integrated into their lives.

Third, leading people is a complex mixture of logic and emotion. The outcomes you are leading toward must make sense, but if you really want results, it is essential to link emotions to these outcomes.

After many years of working in enterprise culture change for companies like Microsoft, Zappos, and L’Oreal, we realized that organizations need tools to reinforce their beliefs and commitments to how much their work matters.

How It Works: The Culture Science© Process

We will deliberately design and execute the strategies and tools you need to implement ideas at scale, throughout your organization, to drive new thinking and better performance for everyone in your space.

We begin with a comprehensive culture assessment, which can be done on location or remotely. This helps us identify what to fix and where to innovate. (1. Culture Science Assessment® and readiness report).

Strategies and tools are then designed that will give you the real buy-in and engagement you need across all stakeholder groups (2. seeding employees and other stakeholders with the necessary ideas and behaviors to unlock new thinking).

While new ideas are often hard for many people to understand or accept, we take a human-centered approach. Our expertise involves humanizing and scaling change concepts by appealing to each individual’s wants and needs across your organization, and then making them believe and feel that they too, are part of a winning team on an inspiring mission to change.

Strategy is created through a human-centered lens and then visualized to become change management tools that feel like works of art. This change framework diverts substantially from the norm, in that it is driven by unlocking and engaging stakeholders to own and drive change, versus the classic enforcement-based system that is a proven failure throughout businesses today (3. Implement people-driven change).

The next important step is to socialize your cultural tools across physical and digital spaces and social media channels to symbolize and influence changes in behaviors and mindsets to scale the changes needed. (4. driving needed changes through shared beliefs).

Often Culture Walls® are themed around specific subject areas such as Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Values, etc.


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