Culture Science®

Creating Influence for Leaders to Drive Outstanding Business Results

Most leaders are shocked to know that their employees are in the dark about their strategy, even though they’ve ‘been told a hundred times’. The fact is that people are overwhelmed. Emails are deleted or go unopened. People are multitasking in every meeting. Comms teams have a hundred competing priorities.

Given all that, strategies become hard to execute. The ability to influence becomes a huge challenge.

The tension is, as a leader, personal success is wholly dependent on influence. Influence is important because it directly affects behavior, how and why people work. However, there aren’t many tools to create and scale influence.

What is needed is a system to inform decision making, that aligns behavior, and unites people with a common purpose…a purpose that drives outcomes.

The answer is culture. Culture Science® is the way to create influence: the collection of beliefs, mindsets, mental models, values, principles, world views, and attitudes that inform the behaviors driving operational outcomes. When well-executed, it aligns and focuses the organization. It reduces complexity and makes operations less chaotic. This is why the decision to deliberately design your culture is fundamentally a strategic one.

If culture is not designed, business outcomes will be random. You may be experiencing that now.

Culture Science® gives leaders a new strategic tool to consistently drive outstanding outcomes and extraordinary execution.

Whatever change is needed, whether it’s a complete culture redesign, strengthening Diversity and Inclusion, creating vibrant innovation, or solidifying digital transformation, Culture Science® creates alignment between leadership, influence, and business outcomes by turning change into a movement.


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