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distributed teams;pardon me while I drown in my own expectations

At first, it’s a shock

By David Essman | March 13, 2021

It comes as a bit of a shock, at first. That it’s not that hard to make world-class stuff… Like, for example, beer. Not really. …

how does culture affect hiring practices;You try to make it meaningful. in the end, all you can do is try to make it meaningful for other people.

How To Be Different

By David Essman | March 10, 2021

Every time a guy with a dream decides to open a new big-city restaurant, the old joke goes, “Good thing nobody else has thought of …

culture design; Culture design is a sign that you have faith in the future

Are You Creating Culture Or Is It Creating You?

By David Essman | March 6, 2021

Back in 1990s Austin, Texas, the musicians called it “The Velvet Rut”. Austin was still considered “The Live Music Capital Of the World”, the rent was cheap …

influence for leaders;people don't join companies. people join communities.

Which team are you on?

By David Essman | March 2, 2021

Have you noticed all the buff CEOs lately? So when did the C-Suite discover bodybuilding? The thing is, none of it is random. It is …

human capital;are you enlightened? no, but I drink six dollar coffee.

Why Nerds Will Rule The World

By David Essman | February 26, 2021

There’s this recent New Yorker video about hardcore coffee nerds. A nerd, basically, is someone who is interested in things far more than the average person. …

purpose and meaning;what matters is the love, not the scale that explains my terror

RISK FORWARD: Legacy, Satisfaction & Greatness

By David Essman | February 24, 2021

  A few years after my mother died, I took my father to Las Vegas. I’d been booked for a keynote performance there and thought …