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transformational culture; innovation is the acorn innovation is the oak

The Fifty-Year Window

By David Essman | September 15, 2021

  The thing about major innovation is, it comes in waves. These waves historically have lasted about fifty years, thereabouts. Along came the railway in …

how to change a toxic culture;Assumptions are the enemy unless you are assuming good

Fixing a Cultural Lemon

By David Essman | September 10, 2021

  Out of Context, or Just Too Much Context to Ignore?  Lately, we’ve been calling out some of the worst offenders in the corporate and academic worlds …

culture study; You either "get" culture or you're toast

What We Learned From Chairman Mao About Company Culture

By David Essman | August 30, 2021

  Complex and dynamic, that is the challenge of designing culture. There are no obvious levers to pull, what often looks like a good idea, …

driver of innovation; all history is military history

The Future Is Extraterrestrial

By David Essman | August 28, 2021

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about the futility of trying to get human bodies to live in outer space, and “space tourism for …

culture of empathy;Simplicity is the hardest thing

Great Strategies Are Simple

By David Essman | August 25, 2021

CAVEAT: Generally, we shy away from using Apple as a case study because 1. They are such outliers and 2. They are overused by everybody and their dog…but the following …

virtual meetings;We're just ciphers in a zoom matrix! Hooray!

How to stand out in virtual meetings + Free Download

By David Essman | August 23, 2021

That’s the weird thing about the time we live in. The more we try to get robots to do the work of humans, the more …