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I have a very complicated life good thing I’m a sociopath

The Hamptons are not Defensible Position by Mark Blyth

By David Essman | September 16, 2020

  Back in the summer of 2015, I visited Athens just as the European Central Bank decided to ration the amount of Euros Greeks could take out …

unconscious bias training: what $8 billion worth of nothing looks like

Why Unconscious Bias Training Doesn’t Work

By David Essman | September 15, 2020

  Culture is a social construct and training will never be the route to more diverse and inclusive organizations. Training solves information problems and our D&I …

it's not how long you've worked here it’s how much you’ve aged

A Story As Old As Time

By David Essman | September 10, 2020

  Our old buddy Mike Arrington (founder of Techcrunch, among other things), made a lovely point on Twitter: “One of the first lessons I learned in Silicon …

i just want the fight to not be in vain

Looks are deceiving

By David Essman | September 8, 2020

“Hell Or High Water” was said to be one of the best movies of 2016. It got 4 Oscar nominations, at the very least. The story …

everything becomes narrative or else gets washed out to sea

Meaning Is A Constellation

By David Essman | September 4, 2020

A big part of helping companies is to make their work more meaningful, both to their employees and to their customers. This makes total sense. People …

letting go is the only freedom

The go-to guy vs. the here-already guy

By David Essman | September 2, 2020

  First lesson in Economics 101: everything is scarce. But is it, really? Because the global economy, today, is less about guns and butter than …