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how to increase collaboration;doing anything worthwhile is perilous. the ancient greeks figured that out long ago.

No Peril, No Reward

By David Essman | July 27, 2021

In this video, we have Jocko Willinks, former Special Forces leader and current motivation guru, giving a speech to the Pennsylvania National Guard about the positive …

transform your culture ; Beam Maue Cover Juggling chainsaws

Juggling Chainsaws – Brian E A “Beam” Maue PhD

By David Essman | July 23, 2021

  Panic–so much panic that I almost did not even attempt the effort (and I was once a steely nerved military officer in charge of …

driver of innovation; fueled by possibilities

Who wants a Skittle?

By David Essman | July 20, 2021

Last week we wrote about Richard Branson and the folly of billionaire-funded space tourism. Then earlier today Jeff Bezos blasted off into space as well. The Guardian …

designing a high purpose culture;business is reality and reality isn't pretty

The Power of Culture

By David Essman | July 19, 2021

If you hang out on Facebook, you’ll see a lot of ads like this one. It’s for a metal portable campfire. Lovely. Perfect for you and …

work place transformation;New worlds begin life as mere fragments hence all the trepidation

How AI Generates a Competitive Advantage by Ash Fontana

By David Essman | July 15, 2021

About the Author Ash Fontana is Managing Director of Zetta, the first investment fund that focused on AI. The firm was the lead investor in …

empathetic culture; you are only as good as the love you have for other people

Give Love, Get Love

By David Essman | July 12, 2021

  We, as humans, like to categorize. It makes the world easier to digest. We fit the people around us into labels: users, coworkers, competitors. …