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You Can’t Go Far Without A North Star

By Laura Viberti | Sep 13, 2022

Without a North Star, all action is equal, and anything goes. But none of us believe that. And we certainly don’t act like it. Because …

How to be a great leader: Eight Lessons from Queen Elizabeth

By Laura Viberti | Sep 9, 2022

HRH Queen Elizabeth died yesterday, at age 96, after being on the throne for 70 years. That’s six years longer than Queen Victoria. The issue isn’t whether or …

agile culture; it's rocket science don't tell me it's low risk

Houston…we have a problem

By Laura Viberti | Sep 7, 2022

The insight from the semiotic above is from NASA  Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen, who was interviewed in 2020 on The Knowledge Project Podcast. It was under Zurbuchen’s direction that …

designing a high purpose culture;great work stems from higher purpose not the other way around

Your #1 Employee Perk

By Laura Viberti | Sep 5, 2022

  When we think of Labor day, most of us think about fun stuff like tailgate parties and barbecues. We take it for granted now, but …

cultural anthropology; knowledge used to be transmitted person to person through memory so they had to distill it down to the smallest unit possible the knowledge project #141 Kunal Shaw

Why Nobody Understands You

By David Essman | Sep 2, 2022

This email is inspired by Episode #141 of The Knowledge Project podcast, featuring serial entrepreneur and incisive business thinker Kunal Shah.   Our brains are designed to ignore …

transformational leadership;The status stack cannot be reformed it can only be disrupted

Massive Transformation Is Indirect

By David Essman | Aug 31, 2022

This image was inspired by something Marc Andreessen, the legendary VC said in a recent podcast (The Knowledge Project #129), namely that when an organization gets to …