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By Patrick Crampton | Jan 2, 2007

[An aerial photograph of Port Vauban in Antibes, via this post on the Fenderkicker blog.] Last August I wrote about wanting to spend more time …

stormhoek makes the national news [again]

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 2, 2007

Video Clip: Stormhoek makes the Channel 4 Lunchtime news. A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from Channel 4 News, one of the …

how dare you

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 2, 2007

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By Patrick Crampton | Jan 1, 2007

Phew. Just got back from my first run in London for years. I did about 15 minutes, carrying 2 kg. weights [which get surprisingly heavy …

the end-user manifesto

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 1, 2007

Danny V. sent me this manifesto, however it came without a URL: The End-User Manifesto Things that need to be in the mind of anyone …

thoughts on the last day of 2006

By Patrick Crampton | Dec 31, 2006

I’m having a blissfully slow week. Reading books, listening to jazz records, and strolling up to Notting Hill once a day to grab some dinner. …

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