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By Patrick Crampton | Jan 9, 2007

Everyone’s been getting all excited about Apple’s new “iPhone”, but somehow I just can’t be bothered. I feel much the same way about my new …

love reaches into far deeper places than trust ever could

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 9, 2007

As I’ve been mentioning for a while now, Stormhoek is launching a new series of cartoon wine labels, designed by myself. We’re launching our first …

scoble & co. interview bill gates

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 8, 2007

[Video Podcast:] My friend, Robert Scoble and some other tech bloggers interview Bill Gates during his lunchbreak. Interesting stuff.

worth reading

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 8, 2007

Dennis Howlett does a guest column in ZDNet. Fellow Enterprise Irregular, blogger and IT/finance consultant Dennis Howlett offers a guest post on the state of …

blue monster lithograph auction

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 8, 2007

Microsoft’s Steve Clayton has put 3 of the “Blue Monster” signed lithographs up for charity auction on e-Bay. All proceeds will go to Microsoft’s preferred …

tfolm blog

By Patrick Crampton | Jan 8, 2007

After publishing his “Future of Learning Manifesto” and getting a lot of feedback on it, Christian Long went ahead and created a new blog around …

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