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gapingvoid: more evil than microsoft etc.

By Patrick Crampton | Feb 9, 2007

My evil plan goes public buah ha ha ha… [Bonus Link] Johnnie Moore mentions the Road Trip:It’s all a million miles away from high-powered branding …

snowed under

By Patrick Crampton | Feb 9, 2007

[This morning’s view from my Bed & Breakfast in the Cotswalds.] As it blizzards outside, I’m blogging this from the breakfast room- Cath makes her …

vote for your favorite stormhoek label!!!!

By Patrick Crampton | Feb 8, 2007

We’ve added a wee voting machine on the Stormhoek blog. We’re coming out with some new cartoon labels, so we’d like your feedback. Feel free …

geek dinner last friday in leith [edinburgh]

By Patrick Crampton | Feb 7, 2007

[Cath and Ewan, with me getting the drinks in.] Last Friday, after making an appearance at Tesco’s in Corstorphine [a genteel suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland] …

notes from the road

By Patrick Crampton | Feb 7, 2007

[Click on image to enlarge/download/print etc. Licensing terms here etc.] I’m blogging this from a motorway diner. We’ve been on the Stormhoek road trip for …

my favorite image

By Patrick Crampton | Feb 7, 2007

This has to be my favorite image from the Road Trip so far- Dan and James, two lads who manange the wine aisle at Tesco’s …