July 18, 2006

marketing is everywhere


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This made my day. From the MSNBC blog:

Though it seems mostly as the result of marketing strategy, Stormhoek appears to have established itself as the geek wine.

"Mostly a result of marketing strategy"? Really? I wrote down some of my thoughts about this over on the Stormhoek blog.

Posted by hugh macleod at July 18, 2006 1:20 PM | TrackBack

Another slice of genius; when is the t-shirt coming?

Posted by: Tim Jackson at July 18, 2006 4:27 PM

Easy, Tim...

Just download the image in high-rez, then upload it here:


You'll have the t-shirt in a few days...

Thanks for asking!

Posted by: hugh macleod at July 18, 2006 4:37 PM

Ergo, Philip K. Dick had it right all along. What is real and what is not?

Posted by: Sexton Lovecraft at July 18, 2006 4:50 PM

Nothing is better than eternal happiness.
A ham sandwhich is better than nothing.
Therefore, a ham sandwhich is better than eternal happiness.

(replace "ham sandwhich" with "gapingvoid" for some major brown-nosing.)

Posted by: Matt Propst at July 18, 2006 6:38 PM

Congrats Hugh on the ubergeekiness of your wine - may you go and Stormhoek go from strength to strength.

Posted by: Patrick at July 18, 2006 11:40 PM

Scary thought.

Posted by: Medusa at July 19, 2006 12:07 AM

Dear God,

Make the pain go away, and can I have that Canon L series lens for Christmas?

Your are a kind and gentle God.

Posted by: Russell Limprecht at July 19, 2006 2:39 AM

Or is God marketing?

Posted by: John at July 19, 2006 3:32 PM

Great, great cartoon. And thanks for the shirt tip. I expect to be wearing mine by the weekend!

Posted by: Lance Weatherby at July 20, 2006 3:55 AM

Actually there is a real truth in the obverse.

God is Marketing.

Posted by: Peter Rip at July 20, 2006 5:28 AM

Mostly by marketing strategy, MSNBC seems to be reporting fuzzily on what it can never be or seme.

Posted by: vaspers the grate at the gates of timelessness at July 23, 2006 1:37 AM

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