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random thoughts on being an entrepreneur

By admin_gv | January 14, 2007

Random thoughts on being an entrepreneur.I wouldn’t say I was an authority on entrepreneurship, certainly not in the same league as people like Fred Wilson …

random notes on blogging

By admin_gv | January 14, 2007

Random Notes On Blogging. 1. The First Rule of Blogging: “Blogs don’t write themselves.” It’s the hardest and most frustrating part of professionally helping others …

i move with the times

By admin_gv | January 13, 2007

[Click on image to enlarge/download/print etc. Licensing terms here etc.] [Bonus Link:] Edelman’s European CEO, David Brain, is very bullish on 2007. Watch the video.

the london culturally-deprived geek day out: sunday 21st january

By admin_gv | January 12, 2007

Having spent most of the last few years in front of a computer screen, immersed in a tangled web of blogging, business and cartooning, I’m …

the social customer manifesto

By admin_gv | January 12, 2007

[Click on image to enlarge/download/print etc. Licensing terms here etc.] Christopher Carfi is one of my favorite marketing bloggers. His writings are mostly based around …

steve jobs just farted

By admin_gv | January 11, 2007

I’m starting to suspect that Apple couldn’t stay out of the news even if their lives depended on it…