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Gapingvoid Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams, and more!

10 reviews for If In Doubt Begin – Free

  1. Henri Stockbroekx (verified owner)

    I’ ve been a fan of Gaping Void for a long time. I love the Virtual Background.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Colors and idea are awesome. A great way to liven up the digital workspace!

  3. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Like several other backgrounds I’ve bought, this one sets the tone for online discussions

  4. Sarah Glenister (verified owner)

    Waa a great starting conversation for my meeting

  5. Su Butcher (verified owner)

    I downloaded several GapingVoid virtual backgrounds when they came out because I’ve always loved the messages that GapingVoid helps me convey. The backgrounds act as an excellent talking point as well as providing a practical solution to to problem of giving your Teams and Zoom calls a professional background.
    People are always asking me where I get them from! Try this free one and see what I mean.

  6. Rebecca Morris (verified owner)

    I love the visuals created by gapingvoid! And the message is always inspiring and thought-provoking.

  7. Jennifer Heald (verified owner)

    Although I have since replaced this backdrop with the Gaping Void RBG one, it was still fun to have and it brightened up the zoom wall. Thank you!

  8. Suzanne Black (verified owner)

    I love my background It gave a sense of fun and of purpose to a recent session I conducted. I will be looking at more!!

  9. Claudine Muñoz (verified owner)

    Gives a great message

  10. Euan Macleod (verified owner)

    Good message and context setter

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