Innovation Wall™

Our Innovation Wall™ service is designed as a tool for change. It is all at once, a way to socialize new beliefs, mindsets, principles, and values that will drive new behaviors and organizational outcomes. The Innovation Wall™ is designed to take on the heavy lifting of making Innovation a reality. It is a great way to socialize new norms and create ongoing awareness of the norms that will change your organization and deliver that innovation that has been so elusive.


Our framework uses not only science but also leverages the best practices of culture-centric organizations. The process aligns Airmen with leadership, and leadership with Airmen. Our solutions also integrate into environments in the knowledge that environment impacts behaviors. Creating engaging and motivating work environments is proven to enhance work quality and output.

20th Air Force- Headquarters, F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. - High Res
377th Air Base Wing, Kirtland AFB, N.M. - High Res

Services include

  • Facilitation Design
  • Semiotic Creation
  • Execution
  • Innovation Program Implementation
  • Ongoing Training
  • Digital Assets


US soldier - one in a series.

Don't Take It from Us

“The most impactful portion of our innovation journey has been the base-wide cultural change. This intentionally crafted culture change has created a true innovation movement that is improving our ability to achieve the mission and boost quality of life.”

General E. John  “Dragon” Teichert, Commander, Edwards Air Force Base

A Proven Track Record

Gapingvoid Culture Design Group has a track record of successfully designing and sustaining commercial and Air Force cultures where innovation thrives. For example, over approximately 90 days, Gapingvoid increased innovation engagement at Edwards AFB by over 100-fold. We are unaware of any other program in the USAF achieving such results.


Design For Success

For innovation to thrive, cultures must be deliberately designed. At the same time, innovative cultures also drive organizational effectiveness. Innovative cultures are designed to perpetuate norms and behaviors that deliver collaborative, transparent, and communication-rich environments. The execution of an agile, change-adaptive mindset is both a top-down and bottom-up affair and needs to be designed accordingly.

Together we combine research in the areas of behavioral science, social science, management science, and neuroscience that allow us to develop a truly unique approach to human-centered change. Our tools integrate into communications, on-boarding, training, and spark new conversations and connections.