Higher Education

Special Kind of Alchemy

Career centers can be seriously undervalued by their institutions, but really, they’re a magical place where a special kind of alchemy occurs: on-campus learning transforms into real world employment.  
At the Toppel Career Center, students learn to brand themselves on resumes, speak confidently with interviewers, dig deep into the core of what they want – and then go for it.
Informing their path are over 120 pieces of art that ask the tough questions, express their deepest drives ambitions, and give them ideas outside their usual comfort zone.

Energizing Students

Our custom curations for career centers focuses on inspiring, reassuring and energizing students at a crucial moment in their lives. The art installations are also designed to remind staff what great work they do, every day.
Associate Dean & Executive Director Christian Garcia (photographed left) knew that it was worth spending the time to put together and immersive space that made the students feel something. Inspiration, passion, drive and other important ideas became the foundations of the building.
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