High Purpose Environments

The idea of semiotics as a tactic to influence behaviors is nothing new, look at any major city where you are constantly surrounded by visual reminders; be it their cathedrals, monuments, statues, or architecture. You are immersed in the identity and history of a place and each one has its own story which you can absorb by simply being surrounded by art in various forms. We truly are what we surround ourselves with.

That is exactly why our method of creating compelling, emotional, office environments is so powerful. We call them “High Purpose Environments” and they can be offices, conference rooms, hallways, or entire buildings. They are carefully curated and designed to connect people emotionally to their work. We have collected data on how our unique “semiotics combined with memetics” impacts behavior in everyday environments. If you want people to think and act differently, be collaborative, entrepreneurial, and more innovative, then you can begin the process in an instant.

You can change your meetings and culture and inspire your people simply by surrounding them with the right messages. Art’s greatest power, in any form, is to touch the soul and connect people. We suggest that you can do this at work every day through objects that unify the mission, values, and behaviors that you want your people to live.

People desperately need to feel motivated at work. A largely untapped opportunity ready to activate are the physical spaces in which you work. We can turn existing spaces into an inspiring ecosystem that influences how and why people work. People become the ideas that surround them. We incorporate your ideas into semiotics that can create the desired alignment. We can help your environment have a meaning, purpose, and inspire teams day in and day out. We get your team to think and act differently, collaborate, become entrepreneurial, and feel a desire to innovate.

Let us create a High Purpose Environment that will stand as a physical commitment to those ideas, mindset, and culture that are important to you and your business.