Healthcare for Humans

Looking at healthcare facilities, it’s easy to forget that healthcare is for humans. Buildings crammed with beeping machines, anxious families, sterile design and bad coffee are not optimal for holistic treatment.

Designing spaces that inspire positivity and well-being are critical in the healing process, for patients, staff, and families.

Understanding and taking advantage of every space’s natural benefits, in conjunction with artwork that inspires and relieves tension, makes the patient experience more personal than clinical.

Create Amazing Patient Experiences

In healthcare, our focus is on improving the patient experience by inspiring trust and empathy, as these together are the foundation of building great patient/provider relationships.  By understanding what the patient thinks and feels, providers can focus on shaping that experience to success.

We apply our CultureScience™ methodology to discover existing patient engagement gaps and curate in-office campaigns designed to improve doctor communication and motivate your staff. You’ll see measurable results with this reliable and sustainable approach.

Changing Mindsets

Positive mindsets are created with images and messages that target a group of emotions such as trust, openness, happiness, and delight.  Our curated art collections will help your doctors and staff understand how to better communicate with patients. They foster behaviors such as communication, empathy and mutual respect.

This approach creates motivation, alignment, and connection in deep, visceral ways between the providers and the patient. Our work also directly impacts the quality of care and is one of the fundamentals of value-based reimbursement.

Our Healthcare Fans

Gapingvoid works with some of the leading companies in the healthcare industry, including HCA Healthcare, Baptist Health, Roche, Astra Zeneca, and the University of Miami.

By providing measurable neuroscience-based tools, we’ve helped these healthcare provides improve patient engagement and outcomes. Together, we enhance doctor and staff communication, change mindsets, and foster empathy through our specialized healthcare campaigns.