Gapingvoid Culture Design™

Transforming organizational culture through a strategic, research-driven approach

Gapingvoid Culture Design™ is a comprehensive methodology that transforms organizational culture through a strategic, research-driven approach. The process begins with a deep dive into an organization’s existing culture, identifying key values and emotional drivers that influence behavior. Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative research, Gapingvoid uncovers the core elements shaping the workplace environment and designs a system for driving towards the desired outcome.

At the heart of Gapingvoid Culture Design™ is the creation of custom visuals and narratives that resonate with employees and communicate desired cultural shifts in an engaging and memorable way. These visuals are strategically placed throughout the organization, reinforcing key messages and fostering a shared sense of purpose.

What sets this approach apart is its unique integration of social, behavioral, and management sciences with creative communication strategies.



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