90 Days to Your Better Culture

The truth is that consulting is so painfully expensive, and, much of the time, those expensive projects fail. And with culture, you (falsely) believe you need an entire army of consultants to succeed. With an investment like that, why would anyone ever hire an outside consulting firm?
The answer to this question is simple: if you take on each cultural objective individually: hiring assessors, communications designers, employment brand designers, physical space designers and the like, then your opportunity to fail in any one of these areas goes up, while your cost also goes up.
But, if you have one team of experts manage all of the pieces (who has learned exactly what to do over the last 10 years, and in the world’s most culture-centric companies) you might have a good chance.
If our expertise in solving your hardest cultural problems doesn’t work, we cost you nothing.
The holy grail of engagements is exactly what we are proposing.