Employment UX™

It’s time to treat employees like customers by embracing a culture of EmploymentUX™ that will reduce turnover and boost productivity. For skilled employees in today’s economy, superficial perks like office PlayStation consoles and happy hours quickly lose their sparkle. Perks alone can’t take the place of cultures that value employee feedback, actively supports innovation, provide meaning, reward extra effort and forgive honest mistakes.

It's impossible to thrive without attracting the best people and engaging their full, inspired participation or to grow without retaining your top thinkers and most diligent workers. Organizations, where people care about what they do, will always outperform those that don't. Every time.

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Treat Employees Like Customers

To generate loyal teams, it’s time to treat employees like valued customers by building cultures that create meaning and show appreciation. When employees at all levels believe their work matters – that they matter – they stick around and give you their best.

Beyond basics like health insurance and competitive salaries, leadership behaviors are the foundation that builds positive cultures and generates the “stickiness” that makes employees want to grow with the company.

A recent study we conducted found that firms with the highest rated CEOs saw 50% lower turnover, an undeniably important statistic when we realize that turnover costs companies up to 200% of the departing employee’s salary.


Applying a UX Approach

The relationship between employer and employee has changed over the past few decades. Demand for the best performers will only continue to grow. To remain competitive, companies must focus more resources on recruitment, retention, development, and especially culture.

Adapting to this employment challenge means thinking more about the employee as a customer, showing real, deep-seated, and fundamental concern for their well-being.

Invest In The Intrinsic

We begin by analyzing your culture based on “extrinsic” vs. “intrinsic” values. The extrinsic things are all the perks we often consider most important to employees. The intrinsic values are what make the workplace appealing and build employee loyalty.

Developing Employment UX can be as simple as helping your team members do their work with time to focus on challenging projects, to creating a belief system (core values) and the right cultural touchstones that can make the Employment UX a pillar of your company.


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