Diversity Wall®

A fundamental aspect of our Diversity Wall™ service is that it is designed as a tool for change. It is all at once, a way to socialize new beliefs, mindsets, principles, and values that will drive new behaviors and organizational outcomes.

The Diversity Wall™ is designed to take on the heavy lifting of making Diversity & Inclusion happen. It is a great way to socialize new norms and create ongoing awareness of the norms that will change your organization.

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Services include

  • Facilitation Design
  • Semiotic Creation
  • Execution
  • Diversity Program Implementation
  • Digital Assets


Training Doesn't Work

Employee engagement surveys and pulses used to measure and manage employee sentiment about D&I don’t work. Unconscious Bias training does not work; in fact, it can often create biases that did not previously exist, further compounding the problem leaders are trying to solve. Furthermore, these tools and techniques are expensive, time-consuming, and, unsustainable. They do not lead to actual change in mindsets, mental models, and/or behaviors. Workplaces are struggling as a result.

How We Do It

We attack the problem another way. We start at the root cause- at the cultural level- so the disparity is fixed from changing cultural norms, not simply training. The end result is Cultural Transformation, turning change into movements. Over the last dozen years, we have shown how it is possible to affect change at scale by socializing new norms through data, insight, and artifacts.

Creating diverse and inclusive, purpose-driven cultures.

We believe that people fundamentally want to work for organizations that truly believe in diverse and inclusive organizations that walk the talk.

Our customers should become people who understand that leadership is enhanced through narratives and visual tools; semiotics are a key point of execution for culture as a management system. Culture is the method that is most effective for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, and we have the know-how and tools necessary to drive, embed and sustain the change.