Culture Science Assessment®

The Culture Science Assessment™ (CSA) is a crowdsourcing method for human judgment, meaning, and feeling. Everyone’s voice deserves to have an impact and the CSA offers a science-based approach to guide collective impact and leverage the strengths of being human in uncertain times.

One of the greatest challenges with employee and community assessments is the interpretation of large-scale qualitative data in an accurate, unbiased way. The Culture Science Assessment (“CSA”) solves this problem by capturing thousands of stories - told by people in their own words - that are then analyzed by the same respondents to give detailed narrative information and context backed up with the kind of quantitative data that you need to make informed decisions.

The CSA engages human intelligence in reflecting qualitative data related to personal experiences, observations, and situations – the what. The magic occurs in the way quantifiable data is then gathered which contains the meaning, feelings, and motivations in the context shared.

In simple terms, human, not artificial, intelligence provides the why.

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Assessments Powered by Culture Science®

The standard ways of collecting employee sentiment are unreliable. The key to understanding the mindset and employee experience is found in the stories people are telling about their work. This is the soul of the organization. We developed a method of collecting narrative data for your entire organization.

Our Culture Science Assessment™ allows you to uncover the experiences and stories that your employees are sharing about their work. This is at scale and with the richness of qualitative data and the structure of quantitative data to understand and inform a relevant, motivating, and unifying Culture Design strategy.

The outcomes are clear insights and viable actions to solve problems and design the culture you want.

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The Insight from Qual combined with Precision of Quant

The CSA reflects complex data back to users in visual forms that allow exploration and insight discovery to allow for the rapid identification of threats and opportunities. 

It enables change, innovation, risk management, and decision-making with the benefit of the collective knowledge of the participating contributors. 

It reveals the landscape of collective meaning, so that with an understanding of both “what” and “why”, change, opportunities, or threats can be managed effectively under conditions of uncertainty and complexity.

Combining stories and numbers, human wisdom and data analytics

Simply explained, Culture Science Assessment™ enables the capture of the experiences from real people when they matter most. With the CSA you can see broadly, visualizing patterns across the narratives of wide and diverse populations, and at the same time gain intimate local insight from the individual experiences that people share in their contexts.

With our intuitive visual analytics tools, you don’t need a background in statistics to explore and make sense of patterns in the data. Having the qualitative narratives as well as the quantitative data available simultaneously provides the actionable insights needed for faster and better decision-making.

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