CultureMail is designed to be the main channel for culture updates across the organization, and is archivable and publishable in ebooks and other modes.

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All Transformation is Linguistic

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it’s taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

All transformation is linguistic, making communication a cornerstone of culture. Designing the tone of your communication sets the tone for the actual transformation. It impacts how leaders lead and how your teams interact with each other and customers.

Communication drives all business activities, and it’s critical that the model for communication be designed with the recipients in mind.

The Art of Communication

When motivating teams, simply telling people what to do and how to feel is insufficient. Humans are driven by more than directives—we are driven by our emotions. To truly inspire the desired behavior, it’s essential to uncover a truth that resonates and creates a desire to take action.

Instead of giving orders, we must create an environment that changes how people feel and encourages the desired mindset. We have to make people feel it and believe it. It’s a never-ending and extremely important game.

The CultureMail® communication tools and channels are designed to create emotional connections and change how people feel within your organization, fostering greater collaboration, transparency, and alignment


CultureMail® is the Answer

The CultureMail® service is priced starting from $5,000 per month and offers your organization a primary platform for culture communications. Updates can be distributed with regular cadence, and are structured to socialize and disseminate cultural norms.

Additionally, CultureMail® is equipped with features that allow for archiving and conversion into various formats, such as ebooks, playbooks, and community platforms.