We help you shape the culture your organization needs to grow and thrive.

Human Centered Change, for Real.

Culture is what everyone decides it is. We permeate change via this fundamental belief.
Culture change is on everyone’s mind, and it’s one of those areas where many leaders aren’t quite sure what to do, but we all know it when we see it.
Creating that magic. Fixing the dysfunction, addressing the legacy of ‘not quite right’ is what every organization needs, but few accomplish.
Over the last decade, Gapingvoid has helped companies as diverse as AT&T, Roche and Zappos, as well as a slew of startups, understand and change their culture in ways that no other firm has been able to achieve.

The Social Spread

Gapingvoid focuses on the human side of change.
Like many consulting firms, we assess, but we then build solutions. We firmly believe that there is no reason to assess if you do not have ways to fix. So, we create custom solutions that actually fix your hardest problems and align your people.
We create tools for leaders, design great team events, coach story tellers, design environments, help make everyone feel like they are valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission.

Execution & Results

Our secret sauce is that we look at change differently.
We know you cannot force people what to believe. We design belief systems that engage, connect and spread through your organization. Whether you have a hundred or a hundred thousand employees. We’ll create the solutions, we’ll show you how, we’ll build the tools, and we’ll leave you a whole lot better off. Simple approaches that are fresh, compelling and work like magic.
Designing a great culture can start immediately and from anywhere inside your business. You don’t need to be the CEO. You do need to be committed to making things better; and willing to try something different.
End to End Culture Design, deliberately designing your culture from employment brand to exit strategies. Boost your ability to attract great talent, and have them show you love on Glass Door.

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