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Blue Monster™


Blue Monster™ is an idea that transformed Microsoft and will do the same for your business.

Blue Monster™ is a methodology that was developed after a chance encounter with Microsoft fifteen years ago.

Blue Monster™ captured the hearts and minds of Microsofties at a time when they were confronted with competition and a challenging market. Internally, people felt unappreciated, devalued, and craving a call to action that redefined their relationship with each other, their customers, and the business.

This is the movement that was the pre-cursor that led to Satya Nadella's $2 Trillion cultural transformation 

The models, that helped achieve this massive change are now available to your business. The Blue Monster method is an anti-disciplinary approach for understanding designing and executing Culture Design® at scale.

The process begins with understanding the narratives in your business and continues with mapping your vision for your future. You will have a belief system that delivers the thinking that gives you your organizational outcomes. 

All of these ideas are codified into an ongoing system of continuous cultural reinforcement that will lead to a culture of flourishing within your organization.

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