November 17, 2006

jason quits aol


The big story of the day is, of course, Jason Calacanis resigning from AOL.

Techcrunch first broke the rumor, then The New York Times broke the news officially soon after, and of course, Nick Denton over at Valleywag had something interesting to say:

But I suspect that Miller's departure will prove a convenient exit for Calacanis. He faced an uphill struggle to turn around, and seemed to enjoy the gathering frenzy around Web 2.0. For him, especially, it can't have been easy to sit out the bubble, rewarded only by salary and big-company stock. Miller's exit provides news cover.
When the news first broke, of course, it came as bit of a shock. But hey, Jason will land on his feet. Regardless, congrats to him for fighting a good fight, and for fighting it valiantly.

Posted by hugh macleod at November 17, 2006 12:18 PM | TrackBack

I was sure we'd see a Jason Quits AOL card ....

Posted by: Rob Hyndman at November 17, 2006 4:02 PM

Me, too!

Had to boot up my tablet pc first, though....

Posted by: hugh macleod at November 17, 2006 4:38 PM