January 23, 2005



Also in the comments here, Kathy Sierra asked a very smart question:

If blogging is on the verge of "tipping/crossing" (and it looks close), I'm wondering...what's next? What comes *after* blogging? Where are the innovators and early adopters heading once blogs jump into the fat part of the curve?
In other words, when do the early adaptors get to take their well-earned seats on the Gravy Train, while the late adapators desperately try to play catch-up?

The answer is, basically, as soon as the early adaptors figure out how to turn their early discoveries into "Deliverables". I've talked about my own "Hughtrain Deliverables" in the past, they're almost ready to go public.

[HOT PIMP ACTION:] Please feel free to download "The Hughtrain" if you haven't already. Thanks.

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