January 21, 2005

wired tailor

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"English Cut", the blog of my pal, Savile Row Tailor Thomas Mahon only went live a day or two ago and already it's being talked about. Nice to see.

Just saw Tom Peters blogged it. Cool!

Yeah, I turned Thomas onto blogging and helped him set up the website. This is what I said in Tom Peters comment section:

Thomas' business is interesting to me. It's very "niche", certainly, but the demand for bespoke English suits is fairly steady, but the supply of young tailors willing to endure a 7-year apprenticeship has been drying up over the last 50 years. Now the average age for a good English tailor (at Thomas' level) is around 60.

So even if the market for bespoke is tiny, there's only about 20 people IN THE WORLD who can cut an English suit at Thomas's level. And a good portion of Thomas' direct competition have never even sent an e-mail before, let alone started blogging. So once Thomas saw the possibilites of blogging, he jumped right at it.

Right now I have no financial involvement in Thomas' blog or tailoring business.

Still, the idea of a "Wired" Savile Row tailor is such a no-brainer... it was just one of those things that came together over beers one evening.

[UPDATE:] The definition/explanation of the word "bespoke" is here.

Posted by hugh macleod at January 21, 2005 9:42 AM | TrackBack

I saw the mention on Tom Peters weblog and remembered that you were working with an upscale tailor; I figured it had to be your client.

The idea of a "Wired" Savile Row a no-brainer? Exactly! Just like the idea of a Wired GC!!

Posted by: John at January 21, 2005 12:41 PM

Hugh, forgive my Yank ignorance, but what is the origin of the term "bespoke"? Google and wikipedia don't have much and dictionary.com tells me what I already knew.

Posted by: Tom Maszerowski at January 21, 2005 3:14 PM

Tom, an definition/explanation of "bespoke" is here:


I'll also update this entry with the same info...

Posted by: hugh macleod at January 21, 2005 3:29 PM

Years ago I looked this up, Tom. I wrote something somewhere on a newsgroup about the German usage of the prefix "be-" as compared with the English use of the prefix. Many times similar, sometimes not. You might start searching a little further back if interested in the language.

besprechen=discuss or agree upon something.
(past tense=besprochen)

Posted by: Nancy at January 21, 2005 4:00 PM

Interesting to note that the the first hit I got on google when I tried to look that up again brought me to

Microsoft Natual Langauge Processing.

... keep working on that tricorder.

Posted by: Nancy at January 21, 2005 5:06 PM