June 28, 2004

technorati memevertising


Iím starting a new meme.

My first meme was for Diet Coke.

My second meme was for my friend, Daveís film, "Young Adam" (which starred Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton). I wanted more people to hear about the film than the usual art-house channels would allow. Considering the time and money invested creating and running the meme (i.e. very little), it succeeded rather well.

My third meme is for Technorati, my favorite "non-personal" website.

What drives the meme will be the thoughts it generates- with me, with them, with other people etc.

I canít think of a finer company to do this with. They 'get it', I get it, our combined audience certainly gets it. And now weíre going to make millions of other people get it.

Technorati is all about smarter conversations. Thatís why theyíre on the planet. How they achieve this now is not the same as how they will achieve it in 5 years. But their "smarter conversations" schtick will still be around. And worth millions of dollars, probably.

Like the cartoon says, "Smarter conversations equals better products. Itís so frickiní obvious."

Posted by hugh macleod at June 28, 2004 3:51 PM | TrackBack

Brilliant as usual. Need equals innovation and what better way to give a company feedback then smarter conversation. Technology has taken us to the point where it is -- so -- frickin' -- obvious. Congrats on technorati!

Posted by: Kim at June 29, 2004 5:20 PM

My main issue with Technorati is that they promise much more than they are currently able to deliver when it come to technology.

For example, I've got my blog set up to ping Technorati automatically on each new update. Yet, when searching their database, few if any of my postings ever show up in response to a search. Compare that to Google, where (often within 24 hours) my posts have been indexed and pop up in response to search queries. And my blog is a small one, so Google's bots have no reason to give my site preferential indexing.

Technoriat's window of opportunity is going to close eventually. I hope they get their technical ducks in a row in time.

Posted by: fiat lux at June 29, 2004 5:32 PM