Office Art

Hint: Learn from the ancients.

As a tactic to create change at a collective level, the use of art is as old as civilization itself. Visit any ancient city – Rome, Athens, Istanbul- and you’ll see it first-hand. Cathedrals, monuments, statues, frescoes, etc. were all designed to remind people of the meaning behind their creation.
Whether the art was talking about a great General or Emperor Claudius, or more abstract virtues like bravery or holiness, art did it quickly and directly, without the need for mass literacy or advanced technology.
The art was not so much about aesthetics or decoration, but meaning and purpose. It was about the things that actually matter to people. It worked. Powerfully so.

People become the ideas that surround them.

That is exactly why the Gapingvoid method of creating compelling, emotional office environments is so effective. We call them “Immersive Spaces”. They can be offices or conference rooms, hospitals, classrooms, or even entire buildings.
But with us, they are carefully curated and designed to connect people emotionally to their work; designed to affect real immediate change.
We have collected data on how our unique “art combined with messages” impacts behavior in everyday environments.  If you want people to think and act differently, be more collaborative, entrepreneurial and innovative, then you can begin the process in an instant.
From Day One you can change your meetings and culture, and inspire your people simply by surrounding them with the right messages.
Whatever form it takes, art’s greatest power is its ability to touch the soul and connect people directly. We think that you can do this at work every day through objects that unify mission, values, and behavior that you want your people to live.
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