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public relations is "getting social media all wrong"

By admin_gv | January 21, 2007

Stowe Boyd tells it like it is. It seems most PR folk are STILL pretty clueless about Social Media:Please, please, please don’t talk about audiences …

web 8.0

By admin_gv | January 20, 2007

With the people old enough to remember Web 2.0 now dying off because of old age, and with Web 8.0 now beginning to kick in, …

yes, the rumors are true…

By admin_gv | January 20, 2007

Google owns the world. We just rent it.

it's the calacanis fanboy hour!

By admin_gv | January 20, 2007

My friend Jason Calacanis is well known for both entrepreneurship and blogging. And it turns out he’s a very talented podcaster as well. His new …

the architect's manifesto

By admin_gv | January 19, 2007

Saw this one from Josh. Beautiful: How to be creative in architecture Being an architect in and of itself is supposedly a creative endeavor. But, …

hallam foe trailer

By admin_gv | January 19, 2007

1. I’ve just uploaded the Hallam Foe trailer movie trailer up onto Google Video. It was made by Colin Kennedy, author of the official Hallam …