Public Sector

Culture Design for The Public Sector

In many respects, Government is in fact, the embodiment of culture. It is about aligning the public service to the needs of the citizens. In order to execute on this, it is essential that any government, local, state, national bodies, and their agencies, have aligned workforces who clearly understand their mission and how it is to be executed.
Unfortunately, such clarity does not often exist. Commander’s intent isn’t clear. Purpose and mission are vague constructs that are not put into action. 
Culture Design™ is the ultimate tool for the consistent execution of public service missions.
Change is hard, maintaining enthusiastic alignment to the mission is even harder. Our Culture Design™ methodology is a proven way to design and scale public sector culture, to give leaders additional tools to achieve consistent operational outcomes, to spread their influence.
We have executed scaled Culture Design™ projects for the US Air Force, US Department of Defense and other Commands. Culture Science is applicable to varied change projects from creating cultures of innovation to digital transformation, safety, diversity & inclusion, and bottom-up and top-down, end-to-end Culture Design.