There is a common thread we’ve encountered throughout all of our conversations with healthcare professionals – the desire to want to connect more with patients in order to provide the best care possible.

Healthcare wasn’t always this way.

We have to come to a point where the art of face-to-face communication is being lost. We count on websites, apps and wearables to create the experiences for patients and engage them in their health. The problem with that is people need to feel emotionally connected to actually want to change the way they think, act and behave.

The rift actually starts at the top. Thanks mostly to technology, the administrators have been separated so far away from the bedside that they have lost the ability to understand what it takes to reach the outcomes they want to achieve. And the providers now have so many apps and EHRs that, very often, the opportunity to create a real relationship takes a back seat.

Ironically, we can use the power of technology to shed light on this issue and create awareness around the fact that it has to and will change.

The goal is to get 100k healthcare professionals to commit to putting patients first. This includes consultants, techies, architects, designers, etc…