August 25, 2006

stormhoek now available in sf and silicon valley


The groovy cats at K&L Wine Merchants are now selling Stormhoek. [UPDATE:] A gapingvoid reader says he went into K&L today, and they told him it should be in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Stores located in San Francisco and Redwood City [click on link for exact addresses].

If you could spread the word to all your West Coast pals, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Posted by hugh macleod at August 25, 2006 9:12 AM | TrackBack

It just so happens I'll be around the corner from K&L at the Giants game this evening. I'll get a bot or two of this "famous" SA vino to see what all the fuss is about...

Posted by: SFGary at August 25, 2006 7:56 PM

I work at a San Francisco Real Estate office just across the street from K&L, and I just walked over there to see if they had a bottle of Stormhoek. They said they will be in stock probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

I want my Hugh designed label!

~A Young Marketer & Designer

Posted by: at August 25, 2006 9:22 PM

very clever...

Posted by: davidcoe... at September 5, 2006 7:58 PM