Culture Wall

Culture: The Product of Beliefs

Any great leader knows that there are a number of fundamentals to leadership. But three essential ones are: First, that beliefs inform behaviors. Groups of people who share a common perspective to life, business, people, work together with less friction, collaborate with ease and are connected to a common goal. They maintain the momentum that the leader initiates.
Second, in order to deeply instill beliefs, you need tools. These tools are variously referred to as cultural artifacts, totems, or social objects. You can think of many religious or political icons, that do this. These objects live, often for millennia, for a reason – they are constant reminders of what beliefs matter. People live with these objects and the beliefs they represent become integrated into their lives.
Third, leading people is a complex mixture of logic and emotion. The outcomes you are leading towards must make sense, but if you really want results, it is essential to link emotions to these outcomes.
After many years of working in enterprise culture change for companies like Microsoft, Zappos and L’Oreal, we realized that one of the most important cultural opportunities is that organizations need tools to reinforce their beliefs and commitments to how much their work matters.

The gapingvoid path: Creating Impact

Much of our work revolves around understanding and then visualizing and articulating beliefs that help leaders lead. We create awesome tools that build culture and spread beliefs. We do this through digital images, and art.
We are best known for our immersive art installations, and many have become shrines to ideas. These are awesome projects, but require awesome budgets, so we extracted the highest impact device we create, which we call the ‘culture wall’, a collection of 12-30 of your most important beliefs that are then illustrated and created as individual framed artworks installed on a wall in a grid format.
The result is a sacred space in your office that becomes the metaphorical and physical home to your beliefs and culture. This installation is used for meetings, facilitations, to orient new hires, interviews, etc. The images can be used digitally and totally customized to fit into your organizations’ brand colors.
Culture Wall installations start at $3,750.
They can be researched, designed and installed within four to eight weeks.


Create Your Culture Wall